Trainer Battles FAQ

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What are Trainer Battles?

Later this month, Trainer Battles will allow you to battle other trainers to demonstrate your skills as a Pokémon Trainer. Battling will grant both trainer great rewards including a chance at a Sinnoh Stone.

You will be able to access the new Battle feature from your Nearby Screen (where Pokémon and Raids are). It will not cost anything to battle and you can battle as many trainers as you like as many times you like. However you are limited to how many rewards you can earn a day from Battles.

Do I have to be next to the Trainer I want to battle?

Yes and no. You will need to be physically nearby the Trainer to start a battle. You can Remote Battle against Trainers you are Ultra Friends or Best Friends with.

For non-Remote Battles you will need to scan the other trainer’s trainer code from the Battle tab to start a battle.

What are the mechanics of Trainer Battles?

Trainer battles take place in real-time and will feature the tap and charge mechanics we know and love. (I know but bear with me.) In preparation for Battle, trainers can unlock a second Charge move with Candy and Stardust that is a permanent addition to that Pokémon Moveset. That means you can also use it in Raid and Gym battles.

There are two new key mechanics in Trainer Battles: Charging up your charge attacks and Protect Shields

When you launch a Charge Attack you will have the opportunity to boost that attack’s damage for 3 seconds by tapping on the screen to charge it further.

On the flip side, if you are anticipating a powerful attack from the opponent, you can use that 3 second windows and use one of your Protect Shields to shield your Pokémon from critical damage. You will only have a limited number of Protect Shields so use them wisely. (The playtesters mentioned 2 Protect Shields but that could change on release.)

You can switch Pokémon at any time during the battle. After switching a 50s cooldown will be placed on switching.

Can you tell me more about Team Leaders?

You can train against the Team Leaders Candela, Blanche, Spark to test out new ideas, practice, or just earn rewards. There is no limit to how many times you can train or battle.

What are the limits on Rewards?

You can only earn rewards from battling other Trainers three times a day and once a day against Team Leaders.

After that you can only earn progress on the new medals and the “Legacy” Ace Trainer Medal.

When is it coming out?

Sometime in December.

Are there any restrictions on Pokémon?

Ditto and Shedninja are restricted from Trainer Battles. Every other Pokémon, including Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, is fair game.

Can you tell me more about the second Charge move?

You can get a second Charge move for your Pokémon at the cost of Candy and Stardust. A button will appear under the Pokémon moves to allow you to add it with a Candy and Stardust cost next to it. The costs are not finalized.

This move is permanent and behaves like any other charge move. It can be changed with Charge TMs and can be used in Gym/Raid/Trainer Battles.

When you use a Charge TM, you can choose which move to switch. This also has the added benefit of taking an additional move out of the pool of Charge Moves so potentially you won’t need as many Charge TMs. They can of course add more moves.

Do I need to heal my Pokémon with Potions or Revives between battles?

Nope. Pokémon will be fully healed after Trainer battles. Put away those potions, trainers.

Does battling Raise Friendship?

Yep. If you can’t send gifts to a friend you can just battle them to increase Friendship. (Remember Remote Battles are only for Ultra and Best Friends)

Does the Dynamic Weather System play a factor?

Nope. Pokémon moves are not affected by the weather in Trainer Battles.

Can you dodge attacks in Trainer Battles?

No. Your only option is Protect Shields to mitigate damage. It will reduce damage from a Charge Move to zero. However you have a limited number of times to use them.

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